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One&Only Theater

One&Only is a unique aerial theatre without a classic stage, where the action takes place in the atrium of the hotel. Fascinating acrobatic stunts, fantastic costumes, directing, music and magical light engross attention and amaze the imagination.

We have created our own incredibly spectacular acrobatic show inspired by the outstanding theatres that only can be found in just a few cities around the world - in Las Vegas, Macau and Dubai. Throughout the entire stage performance, the artists literally float in the air, as if they are in a state of weightlessness, moving in three dimensions and never touch the ground.

The stage space itself is unique and meaningful. The first thing that capture the attention of the audience is the giant "Hand of God" — a symbol of the universe and the masculine principle. A pomegranate — a national symbol of Armenia and the feminine principle — is located opposite the Hand. Under the installations there is an atrium, luminous with sunlight, as an allegory of the Garden of Eden, aspirations and hopes, under a 27 m high dome.

Theatre seatings are located on balconies around the perimeter. 360º stage design is developed taking into account the specifics of the site, and you can feel the participation effect from any viewing position. The artists of the aerial show perform all the stunts without safety wires which adds extra thrill. Carefully made costumes, music, volumetric light and surround sound "drag" into the story and blur the lines between reality and fantasy.

The shows are filled with metaphors of life, reconsidered biblical stories and ancient folk legends. The audience finds in it a reflection of their inner world, interpreting all that's happening on the stage in their own way.

We have attracted the best international team of professionals to make Yerevan a new center of attraction on the world entertainment map.

One&Only Theater is a synergy of talent, philosophy, exceptional scenography and modern technologies. This is an event that will be the turning point of your visit not only to the Seven Visions Resort & Places, The Dvin, but also to Armenia.

Open your eyes, be amazed



Working days: Friday, Sunday
Show starts: 20:00
Cost: from 15,000 AMD
+374 33 777700

Wow Woman Fest

One and Only Theater together with the Tomasyan Foundation invites you to the “Wow Woman Fest”, where you will meet women who know how to dream!

Join us on 6 April at 13:00 at Seven Visions Resort and Places, The Dvin for a meeting dedicated to the inspiring stories and experiences of women from various fields of activity.

At this event, you will hear about the challenges our members have faced along the way, the barriers they have had to overcome to achieve success, and the lessons they have learned from their experiences. They will share their secrets of luck and inspire you to new victories! You will also find master classes, panel discussions, after-parties, gifts and a beauty corner